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It Takes a Village – Hilary Quarles

We met Hillary while volunteering at the Capital Area Urban Garden. As their food growing education specialist not only does she know her gardening, but she loves to teach people how to do it.

100 of 100 – The 100th event

We had been to so many events (99 to be exact), so we decided for the 100th to create one ourselves. So we teamed up with Cathedral Kitchen and 30 Net Impact conference attendees.

99 of 100 – Number 99

After 99 volunteer events we can say one thing for sure… We have learned a lot. But it’s not always what you learn that’s so important… It’s who you share it with.

96 of 100

Since we started the 100 days, we have volunteered at many places and met many amazing people, but you can quickly forget that the one day you volunteer is just one of many for the people who run them.

94 of 100

Meet Miriam. She doesn’t know this, but she is actually one of our favorite people to volunteer with. Actually, to be honest, we didn’t know it the very first time we met her either.

What is the Soulfull 100?

Since August 1st, we have been working towards 100 volunteer events in 100 days that can make a real difference in our community.

92 of 100

With just a few more events to go… We made our way back to the only not for profit food store in the country… Fare & Square in Chester, PA.

91 of 100

Eggs… One of the most common foods handed out at mobile food pantries. The Food Bank of South Jersey Glassboro Hope Mobile is no exception.

90 of 100

Meet Lisa and Angie. We volunteered along side of them at the Maple Shade Hope Mobile. Angie organizes the event each month.

89 of 100

When it comes to helping your community, it’s personal. Being able to help the person who lives around the corner, down the street or right next door is an amazing feeling.