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It takes a village- HoneyGrow

We made our way up to the @gr8bosfoodbank to volunteer with our friends from @honeygrow. Not only did we volunteer together, but we donated together too. We dropped off Soulfull cereal donations from the first month’s sales of the ”buy one, give one’ SOS salads and then got to work! Our goal was to pack 4,363 meals to…

Culture of Caring – Siblings

Sometimes you love them and sometimes not so much, but at the end of the day, your siblings are the ones who are there when you need it most. Even though Rohan and Rahul go to schools that are far apart, the holiday season brings them back together and every year they come to the Food…

It Takes a Village Rodney

Within a minute of arriving, we knew that Rodney, Jim and Melissa at Mountaineer Food Bank were a family.

Lori Weston Foodbank Friday

In 1985 Lori was looking for a way to get involved, help people and her community. So she decided to volunteer at Community Warehouse.

Food Bank Friday – Margarite

“They deserve to feel as good as we do when we buy things at the store. They deserve that happiness. I hope that’s how they feel when they come here”, Margarite told us when she spoke so passionately about what it means to provide food to her New Hampshire community. She loves to help people…

Culture of Caring – Robert

Robert is a volunteer who loves to garden. He spends several days a week working in the Capital Area Urban Garden doing everything from watering the plants to picking the vegetables.

It Takes a Village – Hilary Quarles

We met Hillary while volunteering at the Capital Area Urban Garden. As their food growing education specialist not only does she know her gardening, but she loves to teach people how to do it.

100 of 100 – The 100th event

We had been to so many events (99 to be exact), so we decided for the 100th to create one ourselves. So we teamed up with Cathedral Kitchen and 30 Net Impact conference attendees.

99 of 100 – Number 99

After 99 volunteer events we can say one thing for sure… We have learned a lot. But it’s not always what you learn that’s so important… It’s who you share it with.

96 of 100

Since we started the 100 days, we have volunteered at many places and met many amazing people, but you can quickly forget that the one day you volunteer is just one of many for the people who run them.