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Powered and Purposeful 20-Pack


Introducing our Powered and Purposeful 20-Packet Variety Packs. Mix and match from four varieties of our Multigrain Hot Cereal Packets to order the perfect pack for you and your family! Check out our two varieties of packs mixed with our gluten free, vegan, non-GMO Multigrain Blends: Cinnamon Spice, Brown Sugar Pecan, Irish Quick-Cook Oats and Apple Cinnamon.

Make a Difference Mix-  The best of all four flavors. Try a bit of each to find out which you prefer: 5 Apple Cinnamon, 5 Cinnamon Spice, 5 Brown Sugar Pecan and 5 Irish Oats.

Low Sugar, Lots of Soul - This pack includes 10 Cinnamon Spice (7g of sugar) and 10 Irish Steel Cut Oats (0g of sugar)


Not only will you be purchasing 20 servings of delicious, instant hot cereal, we'll donate 20 servings of cereal to a food bank in your region! 

Oats on a Mission

Breakfast just got better with our "buy one, give one". For every serving purchased, we'll donate one to a food bank in your region.