Chip Heim and Megan Shea

The Soulfull Project Gives Back and Promotes Healthy Lives

Joanna Gagis is joined by Megan Shea and Chim Heim, Co-Founders of The Soulfull Project, an organization focused on creating healthy and delicious breakfast food, while also giving back to the community.

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Megan Shea and Chip Heim

These Intrapreneurs are Feeding the Hungry, with Megan Shea and Chip Heim

Tony Loyd interviews Co-Founders Chip and Megan on Social Entrepreneur to explore entrepreneurs’ profit and purpose.

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Soulfull Project blueberry almond hot cereal

12 Food Brands That Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long

Refinery29’s Elizabeth Buxton names The Soulfull Project one of the 12 brands that focus on sustainability all year long.

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NowThis Food Feed the Soul

NowThis Food

Check out our feature on NowThis Food which shows how to “Feed the Soul”!

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VegWorld The Soulfull Project A Nutrient-Dense Food That Gives Back


Char Nolan features The Soulfull Project as a wholefood, plant-based food option for those living in under-served communities and shares a Savory Soulfull Salad Dressing recipe…


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Refinery 29 This Oatmeal Company is on a Mission to Change the Food Industry

This Oatmeal Company Is On A Mission To Change The Food Industry

Olivia Harrison chats with Co-Founders Megan Shea and Chip Heim about the company’s mission and how they are working toward reaching a benchmark of one million donations.

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ABC 6 hottest new, natural food trends

What are the hottest natural food trends?

RD Kelly Jones and Alicia Vitarelli talk about the hottest new, natural food trends… From dairy-free to apple cider vinegar.

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Food Dive article

Are Mission-based Companies on trend?

Megan Poinski, Emma Liem and Christopher Doering from Food Dive, talk about the trends shaping 2018.

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Fox 32 Easy meals and snacks for kids this winter break

Need an easy snack for your kids this winter break?

Karen Firsel, owner of Jar Bar, joins Good Day Chicago to show off a few meals and snacks that are perfect for kids this holiday season.

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