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You buy a serving, we donate a serving to a regional food bank

Our Mission

The Soulfull Project is a Certified B Corp committed to creating healthy and delicious breakfast foods and snacks. For every serving of a Soulfull Project item that is purchased, one is donated to a food bank in that same region. Our goal is to give back to struggling communities across the US, improve nutritional awareness, and cultivate an overall sense of charity.

We saw and heard their struggles.

When we talked to her, she told us about the struggles she has had with teaching her kids how to make good decisions about the foods they eat, especially with such little money.

We left their home, promising ourselves we would do something to help that family… more than offering just extra money and food… we had to do something bigger. We were so determined.

But over the next year… life got in the way. We came back to our homes, our families, our jobs. We did nothing.

Our Story

Want to learn more about how we deliver your tallied servings to our network of Feeding America Food Banks? Head over to our Donations Page