Who We Are

We are a group of passionate friends who have gotten together to create a Public Benefit Corporation that we hope, with your help, can make a difference.

  • Megan Shea

    Head of Business and Operations

    To put it simply… Megan makes this machine run. She is always one step ahead, challenging us to make this happen. No Megan… No show. Interested in carrying The Soulfull Project- just reach out to Megan.

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  • Chip Heim

    Head of Marketing

    Chip is our heart and our soul as the Head of Marketing. Chip drives us to keep our mission at the core of everything we do and that guides all of our communication & storytelling. If Chip isn’t in the office, you will find him volunteering or working with one of our giving partners.

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  • Maria Gamble

    Maria Gamble

    Head of Innovation

    Maria is always looking for what’s next in the food world. We see lunch and she sees potential. She has the experience of a chef and the heart of someone who wants to make a difference in peoples lives.

    Email Maria Gamble
  • Lisa Schipsi

    Head of R&D

    Lisa makes amazing food and makes sure every product you get is just as amazing as the first one we make. When there’s something that needs to get done… She’s on it. She keeps the team moving.

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