Lori Weston Foodbank Friday

Lori Weston

“It’s just amazing to be a part of a small food bank like this one, you get a chance to really know all the people that come through and hear their stories.” That’s what Lori told us when we visited the @communityfoodwarehouse in Sharon Hill PA. Interestingly enough, everyone has a story and Lori’s story brought her here. In 1985 Lori was looking for a way to get involved, help people and her community. So she decided to volunteer at Community Warehouse. She remembers back then how much help they truly needed. “We were in the basement of an old printing press and we were doing our best to find a way tohelp the people in the community.” It was at that time that the steel industry began declining and her husband lost his job at the local steel mill. So what did Lori do? Lori took it for a sign and decided to work full time at Community Warehouse. She has been making a difference ever since. Over the past 30 years she has helped many, many people. And selfless help is cyclical… “People I have helped come back after they are back on their feet and help us… They want to give back.” It’s amazing people like Lori that inspired us to create The Soulfull Project… People who give back every day and make a difference in their communities.