GF Mom Certified Holiday Guide

Sharing a good breakfast that does good is what we’re all about. We not only donate a serving for every serving you purchase to a food bank in your area – we also are dedicated to making gluten-free hot cereals packed with whole grain goodness that the whole family can enjoy. Because of that mission, we’re so proud to be a part of this year’s GF Mom Certified Holiday Guide.

Some of our most exciting new products, like Toasted Coconut and Apple Cinnamon, are gluten-free, and some of our classic fan favorites are too – we can’t forget about Brown Sugar Pecan, Hearty Grains & Seeds, Irish Steel Cut, and Cinnamon Spice!

Tis the season of giving, of family, and of togetherness, and we hope you’ll use this guide (and our oats) to help you celebrate. You can also use the code GFMOMCERTIFIED to get 30% off your order until the end of the year!

Get the full guide here!