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Food Bank Friday – Margarite

“They deserve to feel as good as we do when we buy things at the store. They deserve that happiness. I hope that’s how they feel when they come here”, Margarite told us when she spoke so passionately about what it means to provide food to her New Hampshire community. She loves to help people in need. On the wings of working as a teacher in Costa Rica, she now coordinates the volunteer activities for @newhampshirefoodbank. One quick walk around the building and you can’t help but smile at seeing the kindness and passion of the team. Because a food bank isn’t just providing food. It’s a friend when you need it most, when you truly need help. Those who work at food banks are the kind of friends we’re lucky to have and the kind of friends that inspired us to start The Soulfull Project. Our #buyonegiveone hot cereal gives everyone an equal chance to have something good… Because everyone deserves happiness.