The Soulfull Project is dedicated to making high-quality, wholesome food in a dedicated peanut-free facility, and to our mission of fulfilling souls as well as filling stomachs. For every serving purchased, we provide a serving of our product to a regional foodbank in your area. We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation.

All of our products are made in the same facility.

Our facility is certified non-GMO. We swab test to ensure our products are gluten free.

Yes, we offer an assortment of delicious, gluten free cereal blends:

Toasted Coconut (cup), Apple Cinnamon (cup and carton 5-pack), Hearty Grains & Seeds (cup, carton 5-pack, and bag), Brown Sugar Pecan (cup and carton 5-pack) Cinnamon Spice (carton 5-pack), and Irish Steel Cut Oats.

We take our gluten free testing very seriously, although we are not certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Our products are tested at an independent lab and each production run is tested by that lab for gluten parts per million before we sell the product with the note that reads: Gluten Free.

All of our products are dedicated free from peanuts.

Some of our products are tree nut free and some of our products contain tree nuts. Some of our products contain Tree Nuts and all our products are made in a facility and sometimes on equipment that contains Tree Nuts.

Cinnamon Spice (cup and carton 5-pack), Apple Cinnamon (cup and carton 5-pack), Hearty Grains & Seeds (cup, carton 5-pack, and bag), Irish Steel Cut Oats, and 4 Grain Blend are all nut free.

Some of our products are wheat free: Toasted Coconut (cup), Apple Cinnamon (cup and carton 5-pack), Hearty Grains & Seeds (cup, carton 5-pack, and bag), Brown Sugar Pecan (cup and carton 5-pack) Cinnamon Spice (carton 5-pack), and Irish Steel Cut Oats.

All of our products do not have milk, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish in the ingredients, nor sesame and mustard.

Our facility is dedicated free from peanuts.

Our facilities use careful protocols to control for all food allergens, including cleaning, sanitizing, and swab testing the line prior to running all of our products in order to verify safety.

Ingredients that contain a major allergen are segregated from our other ingredients to avoid allergen cross-contact. Our facility is peanut free, and we keep other major allergens in mind during our production runs. Our protocol includes cleaning and sanitizing the production lines prior and post to running all Soulfull Project products to ensure allergen removal. Our products are made on the same lines as Tree Nuts, Dairy, Soy and Wheat, so we use careful protocols to ensure the line has been fully cleaned before each run.

Any Top 8 allergen information will be found in the ingredient list and in the contains statement.

You will receive 10% off when you commit to our subscribe and save option! Until Friday, 11/27 at 12 pm EST, we are offering 40% OFF your first subscription order! And you will automatically receive 10% OFF your subscription order, so that is 50% OFF! Use code SUBSCRIBE at checkout.

We have certain promo codes available for first time users, such as a 40% off. This promo code (SUBSCRIBE) will only be applicable at checkout when subscription products are in your cart until Friday, 11/27 at 12 pm EST. Most of our promo codes will not work with the subscription purchases, unless it is a free shipping promo code. Please note you can only use one promo code at a time.

This depends on which Soulfull Project Subscribe & Save frequency option you choose. Your card will either be charged exactly 1 or 2 months after your initial purchase. This will be confirmed in your confirmation email as well.

Yes! We will send an email five days before your next shipment, so if you’d like to skip or change the shipment you will have time to do so.

Yes, all our delicious, yummy cereal blends are available to purchase one-time only at your leisure.

We are so happy to have you join our project and help us give back on a more regular basis. Simply navigate to the page of your favorite Soulfull Project products and click the Subscribe & Save button. You will be directed to our Shopify Site and can choose a one-time purchase OR subscribe & save (10% OFF) option. You’ll also be able to choose the frequency. Continue through checkout and agree to have your card charged at that decided time interval. After that, you are one step closer to receiving delicious, instant breakfast. You will automatically be shipped your product and there is no need to go in and place a future order.

All of our products, except the Trial and Variety Packs.

You will need to access your account and subscription. To access your account, simply click this link to login, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Manage Subscriptions” in the footer.

Not ready for your next shipment?  Or want to add more product? You can skip a delivery in your account page, or you can add more product/swap out product for your upcoming order. Simply log in to your account with this link, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Manage Subscriptions” in the footer. Then you’ll see your upcoming orders and be able to edit a specific one.

You can also cancel your Soulfull Project Replenishment at any time through your account page. Simply sign in via the person icon at the top right corner of our homepage and select ‘Edit Subscriptions’, select ‘Subscriptions’ under your name, and select CANCEL next to your purchase. 

We’d like to get your feedback before you cancel your upcoming replenishment and subscription! Please email [email protected] to chat about what we can do better and if you’d like to try something new! We’d be happy to help you find your favorites! 

Currently, we warn for tree nuts, and no allergens outside of the Top 8. All of our products read: Made on equipment & in a facility that processes tree nuts.

No, we use the healthiest most nutrient-dense ingredients in every product we offer and we don’t use artificial flavors or colors.

Great Question! Our team, chefs and dietitians that support The Soulfull Project have been hard at work on developing recipes for our products and fun “hacks” for the cups. Check out our Recipes page and follow us on Facebook for some fun hacks for the cups!

Yes, we are sorry but at this time we can only ship product within the United States.

Go to our Contact Us page to get involved with your community. We offer easy ways to get involved with your regional food banks. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we are constantly updating with new information about our communities that we serve and our giving partners.

Phone: 1-855-666-8866

Or please reach out to us via our consumer service email form

Each ingredient that we use has a purpose and we carefully craft our blends to have nutrient dense ingredients like oats, rye, quinoa, and flax.

We have started in breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day (and unfortunately, one that most of us still struggle with). We have developed a line of Hot Cereals made with wholesome ingredients like Steel Cut Oats, Quinoa, Chia and Flax. All of our products are Non GMO Project Verified. We have four delicious flavors in convenient cups and 2 multi serve versions in a resealable pouch

Philadelphia, PA

We want to be a part of a real solution and the only way to do that is to know what the real problems are. Partnering with the food banks helps us to better understand the problems they face so we can explore ways to help. They have helped us decide everything from what food we should be providing, to what we name our company, from our communication plan to what we should be making in the future… Their partnership is invaluable to us.