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99 of 100 – Number 99

Posted by Soulfull Project on
99 of 100 – Number 99

After 99 volunteer events we can say one thing for sure… We have learned a lot. But it’s not always what you learn that’s so important… It’s who you share it with. Teaching our kids to make good decisions in life and to help neighbors and friends who need it, is something that we all try to do.

At the Philabundance Fresh For All I decided to bring my 11 year old son along to help. I honestly wasn’t sure how it would go, but when we pulled up and saw the line of people waiting for food… He looked at me and said “Let’s go help.” Before I knew it, he was hard at work moving boxes of food and then handing it out.

At the end of the day, after all of the food had been handed out, the line was gone and the tables were put away, he was hugging volunteers good-bye and they were asking him to come back again. When we got into the car he smiled at me and said “When can we come back to help?”

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