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96 of 100

Posted by Soulfull Project on
96 of 100

Since we started the 100 days, we have volunteered at many places and met many amazing people, but you can quickly forget that the one day you volunteer is just one of many for the people who run them. Most of these events are monthly, sometimes weekly and the need for people to come back and help is big. We stopped back to visit one of our favorites… The Food Bank of South Jersey​ Hope Mobile run by Jay and Diana. We were so inspired by them that we talked about their family run event on the back of our family size 4 Grain Blend hot cereal. It was a story about the very first time we volunteered there…

“On a cold day in February, with long lines of people who needed food, we lent a hand to a Hope Mobile food pantry in South Jersey. It was truly inspiring to watch Jay and Diana, a husband and wife team, and their family and friends run the show – as they do every month. With pride, Jay told us about all of the things he and his team do to make this mobile food pantry happen for the members of their community who need a little help.

Like an assembly line, each person moved along to pick up the donated food. With everything I handed out, I received a huge smile and a genuine heartfelt “Thank you” in return. It’s amazing to think how a small action like that can have such a huge impact.”

Thanks again Jay and Diana… You have been inspiring us since that day.

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