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94 of 100

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94 of 100

This is a very special post for us… Meet Miriam. She doesn’t know this, but she is actually one of our favorite people to volunteer with. Actually, to be honest, we didn’t know it the very first time we met her either…

We were making our way up the NJ turnpike, and were running just a little bit behind (okay, maybe more then a little) and when we finally arrived at the Greater Abyssinian Church in Newark… We met Miriam. She gave us “that look”… It’s her stern look that says “you’re late and you better get moving because there’s a lot of work to do and we have a line of people waiting so stop standing there and get to work.” But what “that look” doesn’t tell you is how amazingly kind, giving and caring she is. She has spent 10 plus years volunteering twice a week in Newark and Elizabeth for Community FoodBank of New Jersey. “That look” also doesn’t tell you how inspirational to us she has been. Her focus and dedication to helping her community is simply amazing. If you watch and listen, you see a person who truly cares about helping her neighbors.

It’s people like Miriam that inspired us to create The Soulfull Project. It’s also people like Miriam who keep us coming back to volunteer… You can’t help but be inspired to get involved and help make a difference. Just make sure when you do… You’re there on time 

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