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89 of 100

Posted by Soulfull Project on
89 of 100

When it comes to helping your community, it’s personal. Being able to help the person who lives around the corner, down the street or right next door is an amazing feeling.

While the Food Bank of South Jersey Winslow Hope Mobile is a place that gets food to those in need… It’s so much more then just unpacking boxes and handing out food. It’s a place where friends come together. Just ask Maria, Maureen and Marchelle… They come out together every month and make it friendly, personal, and fun. That’s what helping people should be all about. It’s doing something good to help someone who needs it and feeling good about it. It’s really what The Soulfull Project is all about… Our “buy one, give one” hot cereal is just one way you can… Fill your body, and fulfill your soul.

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